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The History

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At  the request of David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir and despite all embargoes on the region, airplanes, arms and ships secretly purchased by wealthy American Jews were transported to Palestine overseas under the noses of the  FBI and the occupying British. Though it was illegal in the United States, many young men and women also volunteered to fight, leading to these amazing stories depicting the birth of the State of Israel.
"Unlikely Heroes"  has evolved into an incredible historical documentary involving surviving members from 58 countries. The 4,000 International Jewish and non-Jewish volunteer soldiers, along with the financiers who, under the threat of  prison and death, funded the smuggling operation and rallied support around the world for the defense of the newborn state, while the Arab nations were prepared to “sweep the Jews into the sea.” After the horrors of the Holocaust there would be no second chance, and so there was no choice. It was a fight for survival, Ein Breira. 

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