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Unlikely Heroes Trailer


"Never Again" is ringing hollow because we are moving the wrong direction. If you don't want it to happen again, do something. Our film is the "do something." It will inspire a soon-to-be-lost generation by empowering them with the heroes who saved Israel. 

Unlikely Heroes: The Men & Women Who Saved Israel

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Through the Eyes of History

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Following in the tradition of acclaimed filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's Shoah, Jeff Hoffman's Unlikely Heroes: The Men & Women Who Saved Israel captures the history of (modern) Jewish independence in the first person. In production, this film begins with the testimonies of some of the most unlikely heroes, both men and women, who helped Israel rise out of the ashes of the Holocaust to become a sovereign nation.

 Riveting and truly inspirational, Unlikely Heroes presents for the first time proprietary interviews with the courageous individuals who fought for Israel's independence in its darkest hours. The David and Goliath nature of Israel gaining its independence, as well as the Biblical implications of the Jewish people returning to the Promised Land, will have worldwide appeal for people of all faiths.


Stories that Will Inspire Generations

Unlikely Heroes, as history in the first person, tells the story of how both men and women from over 50 countries displayed remarkable courage as they fought and sacrificed for the State of Israel and her independence. Firsthand accounts of their selfless bravery include the smuggling of war materials into Israel, as well as the rescuing of refugees in Europe who would later contribute to securing the survival of the Jewish state.


Young men and women sacrificed their comfortable lives to assist survivors of the Holocaust, smuggling them into Palestine on rickety ships and banana boats to evade the British blockade. The film also reveals how Israel's independence was funded and supported by individuals from around the world.


The inspiring exploits also include the building and use of a little known underground bullet factory hidden beneath the noses of the British army that produced over 4 million bullets for Israel's War of Independence. There will also be personal accounts of how the former Nazi aircraft and weapons were dropped undercover throughout Palestine, smuggled in pieces from Europe and reassembled on the ground.


You will learn how individuals secretly acquired planes, weapons, and ammunition from North America and Czechoslovakia, the latter also training Jewish and non-Jewish pilots to fly fighter planes at military airstrips in the European countryside.


The viewer will also discover how the early paramilitary Jewish defense forces, such as Haganah and the Irgun, began working internationally to recruit pilots, sailors, and soldiers to train and fight for Israel. Alongside those with military experience, volunteers as young as fourteen joined the wave of support, many finding themselves almost immediately in the midst of battle with little to no training.

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Touching on subjects ranging from the early 20th century until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 (such as the Balfour act and the civil war in Palestine), the film begins with a fast-paced summary of the historical factors that led up to the Jewish displacement after the Holocaust. The archival footage, narration, and on-camera interviews provide background for the crisis that faced the Jewish people in the aftermath of WWII and the looming threat of war in Palestine.


Unlikely Heroes details in the most personal terms how people of all faiths, from all over the world rallied for Israel and for the sake of humanity, giving new meaning to the phrase Ein Breira--no alternative.

Praise for 'Unlikely Heroes' from Professor Alan Dershowtiz

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