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Using the Power of Israel's History


On May 15th, 1948, the day after the announcement of the establishment of the State of Israel, five Arab armies invaded the new state. The Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon were better equipped and notably larger in size than that of the new state. This moment of seeming doom marked the beginning of Israel’s War of Independence. 


The only thing that saved Israel at its darkest hour was the might and spirit of the unlikeliest of heroes. These selfless souls are brought back to life in “Unlikely Heroes” to serve as an inspiration for those facing today’s rising tide of hatred. 


When we consider the urgency of today’s times, “Unlikely Heroes” becomes more of a cause than simply a film. In these difficult times where hope is on the wane, we must trumpet the exploits of the “Unlikely Heroes” who saved Israel in its War of Independence. Far from mythical characters, the everyday heroes brought to life in this film will become the role models for a generation and generations to come. For it is only in the power of our own history, that we can find the courage desperately needed today.

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